Colourful helium balloons

A summer of garden parties and balloon arches

This summer might be slightly different from ones that have come before but as lockdown starts to ease a little, we can relish time spent in the garden and organise smaller birthday and anniversary parties whist we celebrate with fewer people but still in style.

Statement-making balloons

Whether it’s a baby shower, a hen party or a birthday, a high impact way to achieve a beautiful exterior in the garden is to include a statement-making balloon arch within your decorations. Easy to make, affordable and always resulting in a beautiful aesthetic, a balloon arch or garland adds that Instagram-worthy pizzazz to every alfresco party. Perfect for both kids and adult birthdays, graduation parties and anniversaries, all you need are a selection of helium balloons, decorating strips, sticky hooks and a little bit of creativity.

Helium works best

The best homemade balloon arches are crafted using latex or foil balloons. These can easily be inflated with our helium gas, which ensures balloons expand quickly and float perfectly. Using helium balloons will support the arch you create so that it keeps its shape and it is far the easiest method to use.

Time to get creative

There are all sorts of shapes you can make so this is a great opportunity to get creative. Combine different sizes of balloons from 5 inches to 36 inches and choose contrasting colours to create a stunning arch. A cascading style looks really modern and you can add in extra foliage from flowers or paper cut decorations. As well as helium gas, you’ll need decorating strips to insert the balloons into. The helium will then work naturally to create an effective arch. Decorating strips hold up to 12 balloons per foot and balloons can be inserted on both the top and bottom strips. To hang the arch, simply place sticky or metal hooks on the wall or fence in the shape you wish to create.

Balloon arches look fantastic attached to garden walls or along fences with colourful desert tables beneath them. They can also be used as table displays themselves or at the entryway to your garden for an explosion of colour as your guests arrive.

If you’d like to create a balloon arch or garland in your garden this year, London Gases can deliver helium gas straight to your door in the London area.