A home bar in a house

Build Yourself A Home Bar

For many of us, there is no greater pleasure than heading down the pub to enjoy a few pints with good friends. In recent years, however, this seems to happen less frequently. Research shows that every week another 27 pubs shut their doors. On top of this, prices seem to rise constantly, making a trip down to your local more expensive and less convenient.

It might seem that there is little you can do about this. The only obvious alternative is to stay home and have a few cans bought from the supermarket. Somehow though, canned beer doesn’t taste as good as draught beer. This isn’t just your imagination, as there is a distinct difference between the two. Beer that is ‘on tap’ has a unique taste due to the carbon dioxide, which results in it having a more complex and full flavour.

The solution to this is to build your own bar at home. By doing so, you don’t have to worry if your local closes down and you can become the envy of all your friends. Having people over to your home bar can be a great way to save money as you don’t have to pay extortionate pub prices for food and drink. In fact, you could even charge your friends and make a little extra on the side.

Is a home bar realistic?

Your home bar doesn’t have to take up a whole room; this is a private place for you, your friends, and your family. If you don’t have a cellar or spare room for the project, it’s something that can be an addition to your front room or even incorporated into your kitchen. You can easily find bar designs on the internet, so if you’re handy with tools you can build your own. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made bar. Then all you need to do is buy the beer. Depending on which beer you prefer you may need to buy different beer gas. The gas you need will either be CO2 or a Nitrogen/CO2 mix. Guinness and other creamy beers use a mix while most lagers use CO2.