Cabinet Heaters in London – Choosing The Best One

Cabinet heaters are perfect for keeping you warm during the cold months of autumn and winter. They can be used to heat any room of your home at an affordable price. They can also be easily transported, meaning that they can be used to provide warmth when you’re staying away from home or travelling. Cabinet heaters are even a great choice for use in caravans, provided you take proper safety precautions. If you’re considering investing in a cabinet heater, we at London Gases can offer you a wide range to choose from. But what factors do you need to consider when choosing a cabinet heater?

1. Durability

You should think about where you’ll be using your new cabinet heater and how frequently it will be used. If you intend to use it occasionally within the comfort of your own home, you may not need a particularly hardy model. After all, it won’t have to endure much wear and tear. However, if you intend to use your cabinet heater on a nightly basis or in an environment that isn’t stable and static (such as a caravan), you should choose a more resilient model.

2. Power

How much thermal energy does your cabinet heater need to produce? If you need to heat a larger room, you will need a more powerful heater that can produce enough energy to warm up the spacious environment. However, if you only need to heat a small area, you may be able to save money by opting for a less powerful cabinet. You may also need to factor in the ambient temperature of the room or area you wish to heat. Rooms that are naturally colder or less well- insulated may need more powerful heaters to keep them warm than rooms that trap heat efficiently.

3. Mobility

You need to consider how often your cabinet heater will be moved about. If you intend to leave it one place, you can invest in a heavier, sturdier heater. However, if you need to move it frequently, you’ll need to choose a lighter, more manoeuvrable one.

Whatever type of cabinet heater you need, we can provide it. We can also supply you with Calor gas bottles and other fuels to keep your chosen heater running, so browse our range today.