Common misconceptions about wood-burning stoves

There has been some controversy recently surrounding wood-burning stoves and their effect on the environment. However, a lot of the talk about the environmental effects of wood-burning stoves is based on myths, with there being many common misconceptions. Read on to find out more.

Wood-burning stoves have high emissions

One of the more common misconceptions about wood-burning stoves is that they produce high emissions, which is bad for the environment. This is partly due to the emissions from wood-burning stoves being estimated incorrectly in a survey back in 2015 (which has since been amended). Whilst burning logs does release the gas carbon into the atmosphere, it’s actually carbon neutral due to the tree only releasing the amount of gas absorbed within its lifetime, making it better for the environment than burning fossil fuels.

Wood-burning stoves are less efficient

Another myth surrounding wood-burning stoves is that they have low efficiency when compared to an open fire. This is not true, as most of the heat from an open fire goes up the chimney/flue, instead of into the house itself. As wood-burning stoves are closed off, the majority of the heat is retained. Wood-burning stoves are around 75% efficient compared to traditional open fires, which are often only around 20% efficient.

They cost more than central heating

Another pervading misconception about wood-burning stoves is that they require more effort and expense on behalf of the occupier when compared to traditional central heating. Whilst you do have to source your own logs and materials for a wood-burning stove, many companies offer delivery services, right to your door. You will have to pay to have your wood-burning stove installed (as well as the cost of materials), however you would also need to pay for your boiler/central heating to be installed, and with the current rising cost of energy, wood-burning stoves are much cheaper to use on average than central heating.

These are just some of the common misconceptions surrounding wood-burning stoves – for more information contact London Gases today!