A cabinet heater

Gas Burning Safety Tips – Staying Safe With Gas Devices

Devices that burn bottled gas are convenient and easy to use. Because they aren’t dependent on mains gas or power supplies, they can be used practically anywhere at any time. However, any device that utilises flammable fuels can be dangerous if it isn’t treated with care. As a result, it’s very important to stay safe when using any type of gas-burning device. Here at London Gases, we believe that gas-burning devices can be perfectly safe, provided they are handled properly. That’s why we’ve decided to give you some tips on how to avoid accidents when using some common gas- burning devices.

1. Gas-powered cabinet heaters

Cabinet heaters use gas to generate enough thermal energy to heat a room. Cabinet heaters are designed to be sturdy and safe, but one might become dangerous if it experiences a gas leak. It may also become hazardous if it falls over, as the flames inside the heater might come into contact with something flammable. We recommend checking to ensure that your gas canisters are intact before connecting them to your cabinet heater. We also suggest that you make sure your cabinet heater is on a perfectly flat surface when it is switched on and that you don’t rest any objects on top of it. Remember, the added weight could cause the heater to overbalance.

2. Portable stoves and camping stoves

Gas-fired portable stoves are invaluable to campers and other travellers. However, they emit powerful flames, which can be dangerous if they come into contact with flammable materials. The best way to stay safe when using these devices is to use them outside. Using them in your tent, car or caravan is risky because they could set fire to something. It’s also a good idea to make sure your stove is positioned on a flat surface before it is switched on, just like when you’re operating a cabinet heater.

3. Gas-fired barbecues

Barbecues can be great fun and they’re generally quite safe. They’re designed to be used outside, so provided you don’t knock yours over, it probably won’t become hazardous. However, we strongly recommend that you watch your gas-fired barbecue carefully whenever it is switched on. This may give you the chance to switch it off or get clear of it if a problem does develop.

We at London Gases are proud to sell high-quality, safe gas bottles, such as Calor gas bottles. However, it’s still important to take sensible precautions when using gas-burning devices. By following the advice we’ve given in today’s blog, you can stay safe whenever you use gas.