Two red Calor Gas Cylinders

Gas Cartridge Suppliers – Are Gas Cartridges Right For You?

Here at London Gases, we aim to provide gas in a variety of different containers that are suitable for different purposes. In addition to standard canisters, we also offer aerosol-style gas cartridges. These cartridges offer many unique benefits and advantages. However, if you haven’t used them before, you may be wondering how they differ from canisters and how you can use them. That’s why we’d like to use today’s blog to discuss their particular properties and advantages in detail.

1. What are gas cartridges?

A gas cartridge is a cylinder containing pressurised liquid fuel. The cartridge opens in a similar manner to other aerosol cans. The pressure in the cartridge causes the fuel inside to be released in a vaporous form. They differ from canisters in two key respects. Firstly, the mechanism by which they release fuel is much simpler, meaning that both accessing the fuel and closing the canister afterwards are easier processes. Secondly, they are refillable.

2. What are the main benefits of cartridges?

Cartridges are very light and compact compared to other types of canisters. As a result, they are much more portable. They’re also more affordable than some alternatives. Because they are relatively simple (as explained above), they can also be used with a wide range of different gas- powered devices, provided you have the proper adaptors. Finally, the fact that they’re refillable means that they can be used multiple times. You don’t need to throw away empty cartridges, which means they’re both very convenient and better for the environment than their conventional canister counterparts.

3. What can you use cartridges for?

While they are highly versatile, gas cartridges are mainly used for providing heat and cooking while camping. They’re easy to use, meaning that they can be quickly and easily deployed on any campsite. Their portability also makes them easy for campers to transport. However, it’s worth noting that they’re suitable for situations where you might need to generate heat quickly with minimum fuss.

We don’t just sell Calor gas bottles here at London Gases: we’re also proud to offer gas cartridges. If you think you could benefit from gas fuel that has been provided in an aerosol-style cartridge, check out our range ASAP.