Outdoor gas heater in garden

Gas Powered Patio Heaters – Do You Need One?

Gas fuelled patio heaters can be incredibly useful devices: they enable their users to enjoy time outdoors, even when the weather turns cold. What’s more, they don’t need to be plugged in, unlike their electrical counterparts. As a result, gas fuelled patio heaters can be positioned anywhere on your patio. But should you really invest in one of these handy heaters? Here at London Gases, we want to help you choose fuel-burning devices that are right for you. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of questions that should help you decide if you need a gas-fuelled patio heater.

1. Do you use your garden patio throughout the year?

If you only spend time in your garden during the summer, you may not need a device for heating your patio area. After all, you’re unlikely to need help staying warm during the hottest part of the year. However, if you like to spend time in your garden throughout the year, a patio heater is essential. If you invest in one of these devices, you won’t have to worry about getting cold when you spend time in your garden, even during the coolest parts of the year.

2. Do you use your garden patio in the evening or early morning?

The early morning and evening are the coldest parts of the day. If you like to wake up bright and early to spend time on your garden patio, you might need a device to provide extra warmth. Similarly, if you enjoy socialising on your garden patio during the evening or at night, you might get a little chilly without a heater. Ergo, we recommend investing in a patio heater if you use your patio during these times.

3. Do you need to save money on your electricity bill?

Running an electric patio heater can be expensive. In contrast, gas powered patio heaters are very cost-effective. If you know you need a heater but want to save money, we suggest opting for a gas- fuelled option instead of a national grid-dependent electrical option.

If you do choose to purchase a patio heater, we can supply you with the fuel. In addition to standard Calor gas bottles, we offer patio fuel that can be used in both patio heaters and barbecues. Check out our product pages today.