Gas safety at festivals: everything you need to know

If you’re heading to a festival in London this summer and want to cook your own food, you’ll need a camping stove and gas to fuel it. Whenever you are cooking on a camping stove, you need to be careful, but if you’re at a festival, it’s incredibly important to follow strict gas safety guidelines to protect yourself and others and ensure you have a great time. Before you set off to the festival, check what types of camping stoves, BBQs and camping gas you are allowed to bring as there may be some restrictions.

Can you take camping gas to festivals?

Some festivals do allow you to take camping gas and a camping stove, but it’s important to check the terms and conditions of the particular festival you are going to. You may also be able to take a stove that uses solid fuel to cook on and the festival should list what types of stove and what size gas canisters are acceptable on their website. A few large festivals don’t allow you to cook your own food or bring gas cylinders onto the site, so be prepared for this. Having a camping stove to heat water in the morning for a cup of tea can be a great way to cut down on festival spending, as can cooking your own meals.

Gas safety checklist

If you’re cooking at a festival, you need to be aware of the area around you and make sure you are a safe distance away from any tents, equipment or people before you start cooking. Always follow these safety guidelines:

Get your supplies

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