Children holding Colourful helium balloons

Helium Balloons Delivered in London – Get Creative Party Decorations

Be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or retirement, no party is complete without balloons. Whether they are coloured, sparkly or numbered, or even spell out a name, seeing balloons covering your party venue does more than just look pretty – it gets people in a festive spirit and ready to enjoy the occasion.

But we have all experienced spending hours blowing them up to see them look sad and limp just hours later.

To save yourself the exhaustion (and cheek ache) caused by blowing up your own balloons, why not use helium gas? This way you can not only ensure your balloons stay inflated for days but that they also stand proud, floating upwards and not towards the floor.

London Gases supply cylinders to hire, buy or refill, and ones to dispose of after the party. We provide quality helium which is easy to use and won't break the bank. You can buy balloons directly from us too. We even stock a kit complete with latex balloons, perfect for any party.

So now you have sourced the best helium, how can you make your balloons even more eye-catching?

If you're holding a wedding, try wrapping your balloons in fabric — such as lace or thin netting — to set a romantic tone. Maybe even organise a picture which will see you and your guests letting go of different coloured balloons at the same time?

For an anniversary, you could spell out the number of years and accompany them with colours relating to how many years the couple have been married — such as silver for 25 years or gold for 50.

And if you're holding a children's party, clustering coloured balloons together is the ultimate in fun. They also make the perfect gift to hand out at the end of the day. After all, what child doesn't love balloons?

Ensure your party is one to be remembered by using top quality helium in your balloons. We can help make sure your event quite literally goes with a bang!

View our helium gas party pack here.