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How Do I Know How Much Gas Is Left In A Bottle?

Gas bottles are one of the essentials of any camping trip. For many of us who love being in the outdoors, taking a camping trip without a bottle of bbq gas or a couple of full bottles for their camper van seems unthinkable. But running out of gas unexpectedly is a rite of passage that almost every gas bottle user goes through. And it's hardly surprising, given that there's nothing on the exterior of a gas cylinder to tell you how much you've used or how much remains. Fortunately, every user eventually learns a few simple tricks for working out how much gas is left in a bottle.

The hot water method

The method most people use is to pour some hot (not boiling) water down the side of the bottle and then feel where the temperature changes. The nearer to the bottom the point at which you can feel the temperature change is, the less gas remains. When the bottle is almost full, this point will be near the top. You should use as much water as is practical and make sure to pour it slowly, rather than dumping it all over the bottle at once.

Magnetic gas level indicators

You can also purchase magnetic gas level indicators to let you know when your gas is running low. The indicator is attached to the lower half of the bottle. As the gas level drops, the indicator changes colour from green to red. These indicators are inexpensive and reusable, but there are more expensive and advanced versions available.

The weight of the bottle

With experience, you can tell roughly how much gas is left just from the weight of the cylinder; they're a lot lighter when they're empty. However, the smaller the bottle is the less difference between its weight when empty or full. With smaller bottles, you can shake them and hear the remaining gas inside. However, both of these methods are considered less reliable than the others.

While every user should learn how to check the contents of their gas bottles, running out unexpectedly is bound to happen sooner or later. Consider investing in a few small backup bottles, so you always have an emergency supply if you need it. At London Gases, we have everything you need to keep your bbq going and your heater running. Browse our store today.

How do I know how much gas is left in a bottle?

Posted 10.09.21