Person pulling a pint at a bar

How gas bottles can help London bar owners

With the introduction of the roadmap out of lockdown and the end of lockdown finally in sight, the capital is gearing up for the return of normality. A major part of this for many will be the return of the hospitality and leisure industry. April 12 will see the return of outdoor hospitality, whilst in May we should hopefully see the long-awaited opening of pubs and restaurants. With customer bookings coming in their droves, bar owners should be considering how they will be able to meet the demand of the incoming rush.

Utilise your bar area to maximise efficiency

If you are looking for an efficient way to serve drinks behind the bar of your establishment, a draught soft drink system could be a great investment. Rather than waste fridge space, draught soft drinks are delivered in a concentrated form, which can be stored out of the way in your cellar. The equipment allows all soft drinks to be dispensed from a gun or tower behind your bar. Long gone are the days of flat cola; the latest state-of-the-art drink equipment uses CO2 gas cylinders to ensure a cold, carbonated pour every time.

Choosing an eco-friendly dispense alternative

Choosing post-mix over packaged goods is also a much more eco-friendly option. Rather than creating vast amounts of waste by using plastic bottles, post-mix uses considerably less packaging. You will reduce your carbon footprint as you will have to order less often, whilst the gas bottles used are reusable and will be collected upon each order. Using postmix in place of packaged goods can reduce your emissions by up to 7 times. You can be reassured that you are making an environmentally sustainable choice, without compromising on the product you serve to your customers.

Where can I find a local gas supplier?

If you are looking for gas bottles London-based, then London Gases have a wealth of experience in supplying businesses throughout the capital. As well as providing the gas for your soft drink dispense equipment, we can also supply beer gas in a timely and efficient manner. As London gears up for a return to normality, contact London Gases to find out how we can support your business and work together towards a successful 2021.