Connecting Propane Gas Bottles

Connecting a Calor Propane Gas cylinder (27mm screw-in regulator)

Connecting your Calor gas propane cylinder is simple when you know how, but to help you, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it correctly and safely. By following these straightforward instructions, you’ll be connecting and disconnecting gas bottles like a professional in no time!

How to connect a Propane gas bottle

  • Firstly, check that the valve hand wheel situated at the top of the cylinder is off by turning it clockwise.
  • Remove the protective plug from the cylinder and leave it hanging (to replace later – turn clockwise to remove this (left-hand thread))
  • Check the bullnose connection on the regulator for any damage before connecting
  • Screw the thread into the cylinder but remember the thread is left-hand so turn anti-clockwise to screw in.
  • Make sure the connection is tight by using a suitable spanner
  • When you need gas, turn the valve hand wheelanti-clockwise to open and the reverse to close.

IMPORTANT: This type of gas bottle has a female valve connection. Check the connection is clean and undamaged. Always use the correct size spanner and fully tighten.

Connecting Propane Gas Bottles

Posted 20.03.14