People cheersing with their pints of beer

How to create a pub in your back garden

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many pubs and bars have been shut for the foreseeable future. If you are missing having a pint at your favourite local, all is not lost. Creating a pub in your back garden or garage is a great way to spend your time and will provide the perfect place for you to sit back and have a relaxing drink.

1. Find the right beverage

When you are trying to re-create the pub experience, bottled or canned beer will simply not do. Instead, purchase a keg of your favourite ale, lager or beer and beer gas to ensure you can deliver the perfect pint time and time again.

2. Dig up your old board games

Collect any old board games you may have and include them in your garden pub. You may also be able to find a dartboard and miniature pool set which are perfect for the pub games night you can host for members of your household.

3. Craft the perfect menu

No good pub is complete without a tasty menu. Keep the food you serve in your garden pub simple; for example, you may wish to keep your BBQ fired up throughout the day so members of your household can use your makeshift pub kitchen whenever they want a tasty burger or grilled veg.

4. Ensure your pub is open all night

If you don't want to be calling last orders at your pub because of a sudden drop in temperature, think about whether you have space for a fire pit in your garden establishment. This will ensure you can continue to use your pub throughout the year and well into a chilly evening.

5. Name your pub

Before you invite your household to the grand opening of your garden pub, you must name your establishment! You may want to enlist the help of your younger family members to help you paint a sign that welcomes everyone to your new garden pub.

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