A pint of beer on a sandy beach

How to get started on making your own homebrew

If you are a beer connoisseur and you have always dreamed of making your own homebrew, it is actually simpler than you might imagine. However, before you get started, there is some essential equipment that you will need in order to make the whole process a lot easier. So, what are the necessary tools that you will need to start making fantastic homebrew that will impress your friends and family?

Your ingredients

The principal ingredients that are needed to make your own homebrew are:

These are the standard ingredients used in most homebrews, but as you become more experienced, you may want to vary them slightly or add in other ingredients to give your beer a slightly different dimension of flavour.

Your equipment

Having the right tools to brew your own beer can stand you in good stead to produce good quality homemade beer. Some of the main items of equipment that are essential for brewing beer are:

How to choose the right beer gas

If you are choosing to keg darker homebrews or ales, it will significantly improve the flavour if you nitrogenate the beer. To achieve this, you will require a beer gas tank along with your kegs, nitrogen regulator and a stout tap with a restrictor plate. Some beers deeply benefit from being nitrogenated, especially darker beers like stouts. For these brews, choose a 30/70 gas mix. For lagers and ciders, 50/50 nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixes are more appropriate. This is because lighter beers and golden ales tend to benefit from a higher percentage of carbonation. Don't forget that it may take some practice before you perfect the process, especially if you are new to homebrewing. However, it can be a fun and rewarding hobby that you can share with friends and family when you achieve that ideal homebrew to serve at gatherings and parties.

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