How to prepare your wood burner for the winter months

After the heat waves that this summer has brought us, it will probably be a bit of a shock to the system when we are hit with cold winter nights! They are not far off now though, so to ensure you are prepared, below we have listed some steps you should take to ensure that your wood burner is ready for the winter months.

Clean it

Before you use your wood burner again, you need to make sure it’s clean, as this will ensure it works at full efficiency and maintains its high-quality appearance. This will involve shovelling out ash into a bucket and clearing the chimney or flue (you can hire a specialist chimney sweep or do this yourself with an appropriately sized drain rod). Don’t forget to clean the glass door so that you can keep an eye on the flames too. Then, vacuum up any stray soot or dust and wipe the exterior down with a dry cloth to finish.

Check the stove rope

The stove rope is the seal around the door of the wood burner. It stops carbon monoxide and smoke from getting into your home and sends it up the flue, so it’s vital that it’s in good condition. It does wear over time, so check for splits and frays – any obvious damage means it needs replacing before you light the wood burner again. Even if it looks intact, you should still check it by shutting a slip of paper in the door and closing it. Can you pull the paper out easily? If yes, then the rope needs replacing.

Stock up on logs

Of course, before you can light the wood burner to stay warm and cosy, you need to have the logs ready. Do some research into which wood is most effective for use in your wood burner and get them in advance so you are ready for whenever the cold hits. We stock a wide range of logs suitable for use in wood burners and can offer expert advice, so browse our selection today and place an order for delivery straight to your door.