An outdoor wood store full of logs

How To Store Logs Outside Properly

Now that Autumn is here and Winter will soon be upon us, it's a great time to be stocking up your supply of logs. Not only will this make sure you stay warm when the weather turns cold but it will also help you enjoy those cosy nights in with a superb atmosphere.

Many people will store their logs outside due to the amount of space needed for a good supply but may need a few tips on how to do it properly. We have rounded up a few of the best:

1. Keep them dry

This is one that most people will know but is so key that it warrants a mention anyway. Logs must be kept dry to be useable so make sure you have a store ready that is water-proof and fully weather secure. A common problem is a hole in the roof of your outdoor storage area letting in rain on the whole pile!

2. Don't store logs directly on soil

When thinking of where to store your logs outside, this is a great tip to bear in mind. If you store them directly on soil then they will be in contact with bacteria which will mean they rot quickly. It also gives any bugs in the ground direct access to your wood which can see them eat away at it also.

3. Make sure to stack your logs effectively

Many people make the mistake of storing their logs any old way and this can lead them to break down quicker and not last as long. If stacking outside, remember not to stack directly against a wall as this means moisture can get into the logs. Use common-sense and stack the logs in a neat pile that is not too high to avoid any safety concerns.

4. Could you store them inside instead?

If you have the space in your house or an area such as a conservatory, then storing your logs inside will help keep them dry but with air flow around them. While this is not possible for large log piles, for smaller homes this is the most simple and convenient solution.

By taking steps to store your logs properly, you will save money on having to buy replacements and means you always have a good supply of fuel. If you are in the London area and need top quality logs for your fire then give us a call today. Let us help with all your fuel requirements and needs!