How to store your gas bottles during winter

Winter is here, and gas is essential during the cold months. It can keep you warm and boost your morale, especially when you are feeling the winter blues. However, while storing your gas, it’s important to note a few safety measures to keep you safe. At London Gases, your safety comes first, which is why we have listed a few tips to help you store your gas bottles safely during the winter season.

Store your gas bottles outside

Storing your gas bottle indoors might seem like a good idea because of the harsh weather conditions that can destroy your cylinder, but it’s risky and can lead to fatal accidents. Storing them outside is safer and, if you are using calor gas, you’ll be happy to know that the gas won’t freeze or destroy the container. Occasionally, you may need to check on the condition of the valves and regulators.

Store your cylinders properly

Now that we have established storing your bottles outside is safer, how do we keep them properly to ensure utmost safety and security? Always check that the tap is adequately covered to avoid blockage from dust particles. You can tie a wrap around the faucet to keep the cylinder intact and prevent moisture freezing. Ensure the cylinders are standing upright to avoid leakage and kept at a higher place to ensure they are not knocked over and out of children’s reach.

Have fire extinguishers near your storage area

It’s essential to have fire extinguishers near your storage area. You should store them in a location where you can easily access and use them to attempt to put out the fire as you wait for emergency assistance. However, you should only use fire extinguishers if you feel comfortable enough to do so. In the case of a gas leaks, leave the area as quickly as possible, and wait for an emergency team to help you.

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