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How to store your gas bottles safely in your home

Barbecuing is always fun, regardless of the season. An outdoor party never seems complete without some food aroma wafting from the grill. The thing is, if you own a gas grill, you may not know exactly how to store your gas bottle once you are done grilling. At London Gases, we fully understand the importance of ensuring your home is safe, which is why we have listed a few tips about storing gas bottles safely.


Avoid storing them indoors
Most people feel like storing gas bottles outdoors is a bad idea, but this is the best place for them. There is less risk if you store them in an open space or a well-ventilated shed. However, avoid keeping them under direct sunlight or next to other heat sources because of the high explosion risk.  
Keep the bottles upright
Your gas bottles need to be upright on a levelled surface at all times. This is simply the safest position for them to be, especially if you intend to store them for a while before using them again. The thing is, there is a possibility that they could roll if you lay them down, which could damage the valves, and cause a gas leak.  
Keep them away from children and pets
Never store your bottles anywhere children could reach and play with them. There are dire consequences that could come out of it. For instance, it could fall over and start leaking. Worse, it could explode after hitting the ground.  
Always ensure the tap is tightly closed
Before you store your calor gas bottle, or any gas bottle for that matter, ensure the tap is tightly shut, and the regulator disconnected. This way, you minimise any chances of a gas leak and ensure safety in your home.  
Avoid keeping gas bottles in locked garages or cellars
Underground cellars and garages are some of the worst places you could store a gas bottle. Gas still remains highly explosive, even when stored in a metallic bottle. An enclosed place is still dangerous, especially one under your home. Always stay safe by storing yours a little further from a habitable area.