Collection of gas cylinders

Investing in the right number of gas bottles

If you use bottled gas to heat your home, it’s important to know how much you need to keep in storage. Whether you use standard Calor gas bottles or an alternative, you need to make sure you invest in the right quantity. Obviously, you don’t want to risk running out of gas on a cold day. However, you probably also want to avoid storing so much gas that it poses a fire hazard. Getting the balance right can be tricky. Luckily, we can help. Here at London Gases, we consider ourselves gas experts, so we’re ideally placed to offer guidance on how much you should buy and store. We’ve prepared a list of questions of questions that you should ask yourself in order to decide how much bottled gas you need to invest in and keep in storage.

1. How do I use bottled gas?

Do you use bottled gas to supplement your heating system, or is it your main fuel? Obviously, you won’t get through very much of it each day if you only use it to augment your main heating system. However, you will use a lot more gas if it’s your heating system’s main fuel. Your stockpile of gas will be depleted more quickly if you use it as your main fuel than as a supplemental fuel. Ergo, if your heating system is dependent on gas, you should invest in a reasonably large number of bottles. In contrast, if you only use it for supplemental purposes, you may only need one or two spare bottles.

2. Where can I store my gas bottles?

Gas bottled need to be stored in an upright position in a well-ventilated area. They also need to be kept away from sparks, heat sources and anything else that could inadvertently ignite them. This obviously limits the number of places within your home where they can be stored. Think about where you can store your gas bottles and how much space there is in that room or area. You should make sure you don’t buy more gas bottles than you can safely fit in your chosen storage area. It’s important not to exceed your maximum storage capacity for safety reasons.

3. How easily can I restock?

If you are able to buy gas bottles regularly, you obviously don’t need to have too many in storage at any given moment. Ergo, you can keep a smaller stock of gas bottles rather than a larger one. However, if you can only restock on an irregular basis, you may need to keep a larger reservoir of fuel.

By weighing up the answers to these three questions, you should be able to decide how many gas bottles you need. Once you know how many you want to invest in, feel free to check out our product pages.