roaring fire in a woodburner

Lighting A Woodburner

Before you begin the process of lighting your fire, make sure your grate and ashpan are clean and free of detritus. (This is especially important if you are using a multi-fuel stove where air enters from beneath the stove grate. Any obstruction will make it harder to ignite a good flame and reduce the overall efficiency of the burn. Open the bottom air vents of the stove (and top ones, if you have them…)

Next, break up some firelighters and place them in the centre of the stove. Next, place a good handful of kindling over the firelighters (a good idea is to form a pyramid-like shape with the kindling). If you don’t have any firelighters then simply scrunch up some small balls of newspaper and insert these instead. Either way, light your firelighters (or paper) give them a minute or two to ‘catch’ and then add a log or two. Don’t try to put too much on the fire at this early stage as it may snuff out the fire.

Once you are satisfied the fire is burning well, add another log or two. At this stage close up the vents. This will stop your fire from burning out too quickly. Remember, the idea is to heat up the stove which then heats your room so the ideal is to have a nice slow flame which doesn’t use up your logs too quickly but keeps your room nice and toasty!

An alternative method of lighting the fire (and one I use myself if I'm short of time or feeling lazy is to use one of our 'Long-life logs' Simply, light either end of the log as per instructions on the wrapper, leave it a minute or two, then add your logs, coal, or briquettes…