Food cooking on a gas hob

Master the art of cooking with gas

Cooking on a gas barbeque or grill can be a lot of fun, provided you do it correctly. In a recent blog post, we listed some of the most common mistakes [ barbecue-mistakes-to-avoid-this-summer] that people make when using a gas barbeque and explained how to avoid them.

Today, we’d like to go one step further and provide you with three simple tips that will help you cook food perfectly when using a gas barbeque or grill. Here at London Gases, we understand that cooking with gas can be tricky, but we believe that you can elevate your gas cooking skills from good to great. By following our advice for gas-fired heating devices, you can turn yourself into a masterful chef.

1. Always pre-heat your grill

BBQ gas produces a great deal of thermal energy when burned. It is therefore necessary to pre- heat your grill or barbeque before inserting any food. If you don’t pre-heat your cooking apparatus, the metal grill that your food rests on will be much cooler than the gas flame that’s used to cook it. As a result, you can end up with food that isn't cooked evenly. To avoid this problem, pre-heat your gas barbeque so that the metal grill is roughly the same temperature as the cooking flame before putting your food in. This will ensure that it cooks as evenly as possible.

2. Allow for flare-ups

Barbeques can sometimes flare up. However, there’s no need to be worried about this tendency. Simply leave a section of the grill empty so that you can move food onto it and continue cooking if another section flares up. This will help you ensure that none of your food gets burned.

3. Don’t forget about sugar

Many sauces and garnishes contain small amounts of sugar. If you plan on adding these to the food on your barbeque or grill, you will need to reduce the temperature first. Sugar burns at around 130 degrees Celsius, so make sure your barbeque’s temperature is lower than this. This will help you avoid burning your sauces.

We sell a wide variety of BBQ gas bottles, Calor gas bottles and other fuels here at London Gases. If you’re ready to start cooking with gas, contact us today.