Metalwork – Welding Gasses For Metalwork

You probably associate welding with manufacturing and industrial processes. However, metalwork is an increasingly popular hobby for ordinary people and welding is an important part of it. Hobbyists and professionals alike can use metalwork and welding to produce jaw-dropping creations. For example, a group of blacksmiths on YouTube have a series called ‘Men at Arms’, in which they use their metalwork skills to forge fantastical swords and armaments based on video game weapons. Meanwhile, a number of enthusiastic amateurs have combined metalwork and welding with engineering to create bizarre but entertaining robots. You can see some of these high-tech creations over at io9.

However, none of these creations would be possible without readily-available welding gas. Without welding gas cannisters that are sized for personal use, hobbyists would have to use industrial-sized supplies of gas, which would be prohibitively expensive. Luckily, here at London Gases, we sell a wide variety of different gas cannisters that are suitable for different types of welding and which are the ideal size for non-professional metalwork enthusiasts.

If you are considering taking up metalwork as a hobby, you should think about what types of welding gas you need. Obviously, you will need a gas that can be used as a fuel, such as propane or propylene. However, it is also wise to invest in pure oxygen gas, which can assist the combustion of your fuel. You can buy fuels that already have acceptable levels of oxygen, such as Hobbyweld 5% or Hobbyweld 15%, which we sell here at London Gases.

Of course, it’s important to remember that welding should always be undertaken with great care and that metalwork is a potentially dangerous hobby. Before you invest in any welding gases, you should thoroughly research proper safety procedures and make sure you have adequate protection.

When you are ready to begin experimenting with metalwork and welding as a hobby, check out our range of welding gases and accessories. You’ll find that everything we offer is high-quality but highly affordable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to break into the world of welding.