Outdoor party table with cushion seating in sunny garden

Party Gas London – A Summertime Party

Are you planning on throwing a party this summer? You might want to celebrate someone’s birthday or simply let off steam with a few friends. Whatever type of party you’re planning, we can help. Here at London Gases, we know that certain bottled gases can really help to improve a party. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the three types of bottled gas that you can use to make your summertime party fun, unique and memorable.

1. BBQ gas

If you’re planning on holding your party in the garden or another outdoor space, you’ll need a suitable way to provide your guests with food. After all, you don’t want to be spend the party going in and out of your kitchen to get food if all your guests are outside. Why not set up a barbecue instead? A barbecue can make your party more enjoyable for you and your guests. We’re more than happy to provide you with the BBQ gas you need to fuel it.

2. Beer gas

Do you own a home beer dispensing system similar to the taps in bars and restaurants? If so, you’ll obviously need beer gas to make it work properly. Your party guests will definitely enjoy a freshly- drawn pint of high-quality beer from a home dispensing system. That’s why we believe you should invest in beer gas before starting your party. In fact, why not buy some today?

3. Helium

Helium balloons are a great addition to any party (especially a birthday party). Instead of buying a limited number of pre-filled helium balloons, why not buy a canister of helium so you can make as many helium balloons as you like? We offer canisters of helium in several sizes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs.

Summertime parties are always great fun. However, you can make yours truly spectacular just by investing in the right types of bottled gas. Your guests are sure to remember your party for years to come if you make sure you’ve got fuel for your barbecue, helium for your balloons and beer gas for your home beer dispensing system. We sell a wide selection of gases here at London Gases, so check out our range today.