Colourful helium balloons

Safely storing and travelling with helium gas

Helium gas is generally very safe and stable, so you should never be too concerned about storing it or travelling with it. As with all gases, however, there are some general safety precautions you should observe when you’re storing it at your property, or travelling with it in your vehicle.

Safe helium storage at home

Naturally, you should keep your helium gas canister away from any open flames as heat could cause the canister to rupture, causing a leak. A helium gas canister should always be stored upright, and effort should be made to secure it to prevent it toppling over. There are specific stands, straps, and trolleys available specifically for this purpose. As with all gas canisters, helium gas should be stored in a well-ventilated space. It is safe to store outside, as long as it’s safely secured on a flat area that has appropriate drainage.

When travelling

If you’re going to be transporting your helium gas canister, begin by making sure it has no leaks before you set off. Ventilation is essential, so keep any windows wide open if travelling by car. Secure the cylinder and account for the movement of the vehicle as you turn and brake – the canister needs to stay firmly in place at all times. Though it’s safe to transport a helium gas canister, one should never be left in a vehicle for longer than is necessary. Unload the canister as soon as you get to your destination, and make sure to never store a canister in a vehicle for any period of time – particularly in direct sunlight, or unattended. Should an accident occur and a fire breaks out, be sure to inform the emergency services as soon as possible that a highly pressurised helium gas canister is in your vehicle.

Be safe

Keep these simple, logical safety tips in mind to make sure you use your helium gas safely and responsibly.