Safety of Gas – Gas is Safer Than You Think

Many people could save money by switching to bottled gas to heat their homes. However, consumers are often reluctant to start using bottled gas because they are concerned about how safe it is. If you’re worried about the safety of bottled gas, we can set your mind at rest. While your concerns are perfectly understandable, there’s no real need to worry. Bottled gas is safer than you might think. Provided you take sensible precautions when storing and using it, it shouldn’t pose a serious hazard at all. In today’s blog, we’d like to talk about some of the reasons that bottled gas is such a safe fuel source.

1. Tough containers resist gas-leaks

Calor gas bottles and other gas bottles and cylinders are highly resilient. Because gas is a portable fuel, bottles and cylinders are designed to cope with being knocked about and jostled. Ergo, they are highly unlikely to develop a rupture and start leaking gas, even if they aren’t treated with extreme delicacy. Obviously, you should always handle gas bottles with care and check for leaks if a bottle sustains a blow. However, there’s no need to worry too much about a bottle springing a leak: ruptures and leaks are rarer than you might think.

2. A wide variety of containers are available

You may be concerned about fitting gas bottles into your gas-burning apparatus. After all, if a bottle doesn’t fit exactly, it could cause a gas leak. However, a huge variety of gas bottles and cylinders are available. No matter what type of gas-burning device you own, there is a type of bottle or cylinder available that will fit it perfectly.

3. Gas leaks are highly noticeable

While some forms of dangerous gas (such as carbon monoxide) have no odour, bottled gases generally have a very distinctive smell. Even if a potentially dangerous gas leak did occur (which is unlikely because of facts discussed in points 1 and 2), it would be easy for you to notice it before it posed a serious threat. Therefore you are unlikely to suffer from gas poisoning or start a fire as a result of a leak from a gas bottle.

Gas bottles are much safer than you might expect, so don’t be afraid to use them. Here at London Gases, we offer a wide variety of different gases, all perfectly safe and ideal for your needs. Check out our range today.