Outdoor bar in garden

Setting Up Your Own Bar at Home – 5 Quick Steps

BBQ season is coming, and what doesn't make a glorious sunny day better than a couple of ice cold beers and good company? This summer you don't have to choose between a packed London beer garden or the comfort of your own turf because you can have it all with your very own bar!

With the latest invasion of craft lagers and home-brewed micro-lots, a simple supermarket beer from the cooler will no longer suffice. But it's easy to turn your BBQ into a BABBQ – a Bar & Barbeque.

1. The bar

Working the bar and the grill will impress your guests, but building the bar as well will make you a legend. The actual bar can be easy and cheap too. Try using standard wooden pallets (factories and warehouses give these away for free). Just stand two of the pallets on their ends next to each other and one on each side for support. Bolt them all together, stick a top on and boom, you've got yourself a bar!

2. The pump

You can't pull a beer without a pump. There are loads of great options online for beer pumps. You can get branded ones and funny ones or there are even designers on Etsy who will make a bespoke one for you out of wood or plastic.

3. The gas

This bit's important, without the right gas your craft beer will get a flat reception. Most beer gas canisters contain carbon dioxide or a mix of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The gas you use will depend on what beer you want to serve. For example, carbon dioxide alone works with most lagers, but you'll need a mix to pour a good bitter or stout. It's best to ask your gas supplier which to go for and how to choose the right pressure settings.

4. The keg

Keg sizes can vary dramatically, anything from 10 pints upwards – of course, the most important part is what's inside it! You'll want to keep your keg cool to avoid 'skunked' and frothy beer, even bitters need to be kept safe from the heat of the sun. A simple plastic tub filled with ice should do.

5. Connections and tubing

You'll need these to join the keg to your gas and your gas to your pump. The length and connection sizes will depend on your keg and your gas bottle but they're easy to hook up and pretty cheap to buy too.

Here at London Gases, we endeavour to provide the perfect gas solution for you, whether it's for a BBQ, beer or both!