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3 tips on storing your Calor Gas bottles safely

As spring marches on and summer pops up on the horizon, the weather begins to get better and the days get longer. This naturally sees many people begin to get their gas BBQs out to use and have friends over to enjoy the sun with. While holding a spring or summer BBQ is fun, there is also a serious side to it around safety. One essential feature to understand is storing the Calor Gas bottles you will use to power your BBQ properly.

Make sure they are upright

This piece of advice comes directly from Calor Gas themselves so is definitely worth following. There is a safety valve on the bottle which helps to release any built-up pressure inside. A tiny amount of gas can be released through the valve if the pressure inside the bottle is reaching critical levels. If your Calor Gas bottles are not kept upright, it can affect the proper functioning of this safety valve.

Make sure to store them outside

If a gas bottle is leaking, the gas can disperse safely when outside into the air. If you have it inside (or indeed in something like a shed or garage) then the fumes will instead build up which could be very dangerous. It is also worth storing your gas bottles outside as it means they will not cause an obstruction inside if you need to exit the property quickly.

Store away from any heat sources

Of course, as gas is highly flammable, then it should always be stored well away from any heat or ignition sources. What makes gas the perfect fuel for lighting a BBQ is what will also make it explode if next to any kind of ignition or heat trigger. To keep everyone safe, make sure to follow this tip.

Calor Gas is safe when handled right

Although the above may sound a little alarming, it really isn't. As with any type of fuel, as long as you handle and store your Calor Gas bottles safely then there will be no problems. All you have to do is enjoy firing up your BBQ and having fun with your friends. If you live in the London area and need BBQ gas, give us a call today.