A pile of wood

Storing logs at home: Why outside may be best

As the trend for people to have open fires or wood burning stoves in their homes continues to grow, so does the need for information about using them safely. Of course, the practical elements of actually using the fire or stove properly is key here. However, just as important is knowing how to store your logs safely when you don't need them. Many homeowners nowadays will choose to store their whole pile of logs inside. It's easy to see why, as it makes it much more convenient to grab a log to chuck on the fire when you need one. But is it actually better to store your main pile of logs outside the home?

Think about the bugs

The first reason why storing logs outside for the long term may be safer is because of the bugs that the wood could contain. Even if they are ones that do not cause harm to humans, they could damage your property if your wood is stored inside all the time and they spread. Please do not let this put you off using logs in your home though! The simple answer is to store your main pile outside where any bugs will do no damage. When it's time to start your fire, just bring some through to keep you going that night.

Reduced fire risk

By storing your main pile of logs outside, you are helping to protect your home. If a fire were to start and you had a large pile of logs inside, then it will give the fire more fuel to burn. By having your main log pile outside, this danger is eliminated and means any fires that do break out can be more easily contained.

Less chance of injury to people

If you have a big pile of logs inside your property, then it could actually pose a danger to visitors or family members. As well as the possibility of the whole stack falling on someone, people may simply snag clothes or skin on it as they walk past. This risk is totally removed if you choose to store the logs outside in a log shed or similar place.

Let London Gases provide the logs you need

Although we are heading through spring into summer, it is still worth having a pile of logs on hand to keep warm when the sun goes in. As the above shows, when you do order your logs, storing them outside may well be the best bet. If you then just take a small batch of logs to use inside as needed, you will still have them to hand but without any risk. If you live in the London area, get in touch with us today for more details.