A pile of wood

Storing logs outside over winter: effective tips to consider

As winter draws ever closer, now is the time to order any fuel you need. For many businesses and people in the London area, this means buying logs to use with a fire or stove. How you store the logs you buy is very important and something to pay close attention to. If you do not, then they could rot or prove unusable which is not only annoying but a waste of money. It is even more essential in winter months where the weather can pose serious problems to any logs not stored correctly. In most cases, storing logs will mean having to locate the main pile outside where there is more space. But what tips should you consider when storing logs outside over winter?

Protect them from the elements

Snow, ice and rain are all something that we see lots of over winter. This sort of weather is not great for logs, as it can make them damp or rotten. To help protect them from the elements, placing them in a dedicated log store is wise. These structures are open-sided but have a roof on – this not only keeps the bad weather off your logs but also allows air to still circulate. If you do not have a purpose-built log store outside, simply place a piece of tarpaulin over the top of the whole stack instead.

Place them on an old palette

It is not only what comes down from the sky which you need to keep logs safe from – cold or damp coming up from the ground is just as dangerous. To protect from this, many will use an old wooden palette to place the logs on. This means the logs are not directly touching the floor and keeps them dry. If you do not have a wooden palette spare, anything that keeps them off the ground is fine.

Don't stack directly next to a wall

This is one really great tip which many people or businesses forget about. If you stack your logs right up against an office, house or garage wall, there will be no room for air to circulate. In addition, it can see bugs like termites infest the wood to make it useless. It is key to leave a gap between any wall and the wood itself to avoid this.

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