Storing Your Logs In Winter – Read our Top Tips

There's nothing like a roaring fire to make you feel cosy on a cold winter's day. The secret to achieving the perfect blaze is to order good quality logs and store them correctly so they're always dry and well seasoned. If you prefer to buy your fuel in bulk so you know you're covered for the winter, here's how to store your logs for best results.

Location, location, location

If you want to keep your logs as dry as possible throughout the winter, location is crucial. Keep them on a flat, stable surface out of the way of the prevailing winds and rain. Never stack under trees as dripping water can reach the wood and you'll be left with wet logs that won't burn and no fuel for the winter.

Keep it neat

Never throw your logs in a heap, cover with a tarpaulin and hope for the best. Instead, take some time to stack your logs for best results. Be precise and neat, keeping the pile tidy and the logs tight together. This ensures that if your logs do get wet, only the top layer will need to be dried out. You can cover the top of your logs with a tarpaulin but don't seal it tight on all sides as this prevents air from circulating properly.

Pick a pallet

You can usually pick up a pallet from your local superstore and they're ideal for log storage. Building your log pile on a pallet means that the logs are off the ground and air can circulate freely – that's the key to keeping your logs dry and burnable. Stack near but not touching a wall or fence to a height of no more than 1 metre including the pallet and with a 10cm air gap all round. This keeps your log pile dry, safe and convenient to use.

Invest in a wood store

If you're serious about using wood for all your heating needs then you'll need to invest in a log store. Choose a wooden or metal model that keeps the logs off the ground and ensures good air circulation. Then order your hardwood or kiln dried logs from us and enjoy the winter in cosy comfort!