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Surviving power cuts with bottled gas

Power cuts can occur for a wide variety of reasons. For example, storms can damage overhead power lines or power plants can fail to meet demand, thereby triggering black-outs or brown-outs. Regardless of why they occur, power cuts are always unpleasant and inconvenient. Here at London Gases, we believe that stocking up on bottled gas (and devices that use bottled gas) can help you cope if you’re affected by a power cut. Bottled gas is a great alternative to mainstream power supplies and can help you to carry on as normal when the national grid lets you down. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the main ways that it can help.

1. Cooking

A power cut can leave you without a working oven. If one happens while you’re trying to prepare a meal, this can be a serious problem. Luckily, you can use bottled gas in conjunction with a portable gas stove (or similar device) to cook simple-but-delicious meals. If you stock up on bottled gas, you won’t have to go hungry if you’re caught out by a power cut.

2. Keeping the lights on

If a power cut happens at night, you can lose your lights and find yourself unable to see properly. If you happen to be a night owl, this can be extremely frustrating. However, bottled gas can help. There are plenty of gas-fuelled lanterns available which can help you fend off the darkness even when the power fails and the lights go out. We don’t supply gas lanterns here at London Gases, but we can provide you with the gas you need to fuel them.

3. Staying warm

At this time of year, staying warm isn’t a big problem. However, if a power cut occurs during one of the colder parts of the year, you should make sure you’re prepared. It’s worth investing in a cabinet heater and the gas bottles required to fuel it.

Power cuts can be a pain… unless you have a supply of Calor gas bottles. They’re an excellent fuel- source that can help you stay warm, keep the lights on and even cook your evening meal.