Food cooking on a bbq

The Benefits Of Cooking With Gas

If you're a fan of Masterchef, you may well suffer from gas range envy. There's no doubt that the efficiency, ease of use and industrial style of a big gas cooker is something every serious cook wants in their home. Here are the five big reasons why.

1. Total control

Using a gas range gives you total control over your cooking at the twist of a knob. Gas is responsive to the tiniest changes in temperature giving you precise control over everything from a slight simmer to a rolling boil.

2. Even heat distribution

If you love the complex cooking then a gas range is a must have. Even heat distribution is key to achieving successful results, allowing you to heat food without cool spots and with great precision.

3. Speedy cuisine

If you cook with electricity at home and gas when you're camping, you'll have noticed how much more quickly a gas hob can get your meals ready and on the table. It's that kind of speed and efficiency that chefs prize.

4. If the power goes out, the gas range doesn't

If you've had to resort to a gas camping stove during a power cut, you'll know just how inconvenient a power outage can be when you cook with electricity. Being able to cook while the power goes out can also help to keep the kitchen warm during a winter power cut. However, for safety reasons, you should never use your gas range as a primary heating source.

5. Sustainability

Gas is a much more efficient fuel for cooking than electricity because of its immediacy, so you'll save on your energy spend. Coal burning to produce electricity is also the most emissions-intensive form of energy production, with gas producing less than half the emissions for the same amount of energy.

If you want to cook with gas in the home but you don't have a natural gas supply available, consider cooking with Calor gas bottles. Choose a range with gas burners that can be adapted for LPG and try and run the gas supply into the kitchen from the exterior if possible – a dual bottle supply will ensure you don't run out of gas in the middle of cooking dinner! If you order your Calor gas bottles from London Gases we'll deliver them to the door for even greater convenience.