Black Coal

The best places to store coal both inside and outside the home

Storing coal can be difficult as it can be quite messy to handle. Wherever you store your coal, it needs to be kept dry, secure, and easy to reach. Here are three ideas for storing your coal both inside and outside your property.

Storing coal inside

Storing coal inside the home isn't usually most people's first choice, but sometimes it's a necessity. Though it may not be as clean as storing it outside, storing a little coal indoors is important to ensure you always have quick access to keep your coal fire/heating devices topped up.

Storing coal outside

Storing coal outside is preferable for most people because it allows them to store larger amounts and keep it out of the way. Here are some ideas for where you can store your coal if you're going to keep it outside of your property.

The choice is yours

The right coal storage depends on your available space, your needs, and your budget – don't be afraid to improvise. As long as your coal is accessible and safe, there's no "wrong" way to store it.