Person pulling a pint at a bar

The importance of cellar gas in pouring a perfect pint

When it comes to pouring a perfect pint, the quality will depend on both the beer itself and your cellar equipment. With craft beers more popular than ever, a growing number of pubs and restaurants are looking to ensure they offer customers the best quality beers. In this blog, we take a closer look at cellar gas, including beer gas blends, so that you can ensure your beer tastes great.

What is cellar gas?

Cellar gas is available in a variety of forms, including pure carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and the popular gas blends, which include both carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Each gas provides its own benefits, with carbon dioxide adding to the lightness and aroma of the pint, and nitrogen adding to the creaminess and froth of the head.

In our experience, for ales and stouts, a mix with 70% nitrogen is perfect, and for lagers and ciders, a 50% mix works well. The 70% ratio of nitrogen is commonly used with 'nitro beers', stouts and ales, which would otherwise become over-carbonated. In contrast, this level of nitrogen when pouring lagers and coders would leave a flat pint.

What are the benefits of choosing the best cellar gas?

The right mix of gases is critical when it comes to creating a perfect pint, with the gases used impacting both the flavour and consistency. The following are just some of the benefits you can expect when using the best cellar gas consistency:

1) A quality foam head

2) A longer-lasting head

3) A creamy consistency

4) Improved flavour

5) Smooth dispensing

6) Reduced cost of pouring

Here at London Gases, we offer a variety of gases for use when dispensing drinks. Our range includes everything from carbon dioxide for soft drinks and lagers to nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixes for home brewers, pubs, and restaurants. Whether you are simply selling soft drinks or looking for the ideal gas for lager, cider, ales and stouts, our knowledgeable team are ready to help.

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