The top three tips to remember when using gas bottles

When using gas bottles, it’s important that you are using them safely and correctly, so as to utilise them well and to prevent any injury. Listed below are several tips that will help you to use your calor gas bottles as they are intended.

Always know what you are handling

If you are unsure of how to use or handle gas bottles, it may be worth speaking to a friend/family member who does, or even consider the possibility of speaking to a local expert to guide you through this. After all, safety is extremely important. Always check the label on the cylinder to identify the contents, rather than relying purely on the colour of the canister. If there is no label or you can’t read it, don’t use the canister.

Handling gas bottles

When lifting any heavy object, it is important to know how to lift it properly; lifting an item incorrectly can damage your back. It’s important to life with your legs, instead of with your back. Because of the flammable nature of gas bottles, you should take extra care when moving them, as you don’t want to cause any damage to the canister itself. Gas bottles should never be rolled onto their sides, and the bottle should never be lifted by the bottle cap, valve or shroud. You should never open the gas valve of an unconnected bottle as there may be some gas left inside – this can be tested by rocking the bottle to feel the movement of the liquid inside.

Storing gas bottles

Gas canisters should be kept in a secure location that is well ventilated, as this will improve welfare. They should be stored away from any heat/anything that could potentially cause a spark/flame. Excess heat can increase the pressure inside the bottle, which can cause safety issues. Calor gas canisters should be stored outside if possible, and should always be kept upright. The gas regulator should be detached to prevent leaks happening – the gas tap should also be left in the off position.

For more tips on using gas bottles, contact London Gas on 020 8807 4633.