Three Accessories Every Gas User Should Own

Calor gas bottles have a huge variety of applications. They can be used to fuel camping stoves, cabinet heaters, patio heaters and many other gas burning appliances. Do you use Calor gas bottles to fuel your appliances on a regular basis? If so, you may have encountered a number of minor annoyances, such as having to move heavy gas canisters over to stationary devices or needing to fuel two appliances when you only have one gas bottle. These problems are never insurmountable, but that doesn’t mean you should have to put up with them. There are a number of simple accessories that every gas enthusiast should own. Investing in these will make life much easier.

1. The T-piece

Normally, if you want to run two gas-fuelled appliances simultaneously, you need to invest in two separate gas bottles or canisters. The T-piece resolves this problem by allowing you to fuel two devices from the same canisters. It’s basically a small metal pipe with three openings. One opening attaches to your gas canister’s output. The other two can be attached (either directly or via a hose) to two separate devices. Provided the T-piece is attached properly, both devices should receive enough gas to run properly.

2. Gas hoses

Attaching an appliance to heavy gas canisters usually means moving either the canister or the appliance. This can be an unpleasant and laborious task, but there is a way to avoid it. Gas canisters can be connected to a wide range of different devices using lengths of hose. Gas hoses are designed to be air-tight and can transport gas to wherever it’s needed in the same way a normal hose transports water. Just remember: if you invest in a length of gas hose, you’ll also need to invest in jubilee clips. These are used to securely attach gas hoses to appliances and canisters.

3. Regulators

Do you need a greater level of control over the speed at which gas emerges from your bottle or canister? If so, investing in a regulator is a great idea. Regulators adjust the size of the aperture through which gas is allowed out of its bottle or canister, thereby controlling the amount that is released each second. You can choose between clip-on or screw-in regulators.

Using gas to power devices is affordable and energy-efficient. By investing in the accessories we have listed in today’s blog entry, you can ensure that it’s also convenient. Here at London Gases, we sell a wide range of propane and butane gas bottles, along with these accessories. Check out our range of products today.