Collection of Calor gas cylinders

Three great reasons to choose Calor gas

Calor gas is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which performs just like natural gas. It provides the perfect energy solution for Londoners living or working within any one of the hundreds of metropolitan postcode areas which are yet to move onto the mains gas grid. It's also ideal for use further afield, such as in holiday homes, warehouses or business sites located in other less developed areas.

1. Convenient and available

Calor gas comes in convenient cylinders ranging from a few kilograms to over 40kg making them convenient for any type of use. Householders can order smaller quantities for domestic use or holidays such as camping. Industry can set up contracts for ongoing large volume supply. Smaller businesses such as mobile caterers and street food vendors can rely on Calor gas to provide the power they need wherever they go.

2. Versatile and reliable

Maybe you are looking to heat an off-grid home. Perhaps you need to source energy to power your hotel’s heating or the steam rooms at your spa. Farmers use Calor gas to power crop drying processes. Garden centres use it for heating their greenhouses. Summertime party-goers rely on it for BBQ gas. In fact, LPG is as versatile as you need it to be. That is why Calor gas is regularly used in disaster relief all around the world. As long as you stay stocked up, Calor gas will never let you down.

3. Energy efficient

When compared to fossil fuels LPG is an extremely low carbon conventional energy source. UKLPG, the trade association for companies working in the LPG industry, states that the ‘combustion [of LPG] emits 33% less CO2 than coal and 15% less than heating oil. What's more, it emits hardly any pollutants, particulates or soot …’ That means LPG is comparable to some of the most advanced energy products on the market today, making it a cleaner choice for all of our futures.

Whether you are living off the gas grid within the M25 or are a Londoner with an off-grid property elsewhere, always choose Calor gas bottles whenever you need consistent, controllable heat.