Three reasons why your wood-burning stove won’t stay lit

Wood burning stoves can offer lots of warmth and a cosy glow after you get them going. However, building a successful fire can take practice. When you’re a beginner, facing a fire that keeps going out can be frustrating. If you’re wondering where you’re going wrong, in this blog we’ll look at the three reasons why fires won’t say alight.

1. Your fuel is too wet

For use as fuel in a wood burner, logs must have moisture levels of no more than 20 per cent. Dried wood always burns better as stove fires don’t have to cook off any excess moisture first. Instead, they can start consuming the logs straight away. Never add damp garden wood scraps like twigs to your fire. Not only will they snuff out the flames, but also smoke unpleasantly. Buying pre-dried logs that are already pre-seasoned and ready for use is the best bet. For example, Kiln-dried hardwood logs offer slow burn rates and optimum moisture levels.

2. Your fire is incorrectly built

If you attempt to ignite a large log first, it is unlikely that your fire will remain lit. Fires take time to build and should be constructed initially on a framework of smaller sticks, commonly called kindling. Take your time and construct a framework with kindling. Once this wood is lit, add medium-sized logs. Only after this next layer is burning effectively should you move on to the big logs. Wood always burns better on a bed of ash, so leave a layer in your burner in between fires.

3. You’re not using your air vents properly

Wood needs oxygen to burn so stoves are equipped with vents that open and close. When you begin your fire open these vents wide to get it underway, but after it catches, close them up slowly. If you leave them wide open, the flames will eat your fuel too fast, but shutting the vents too much or too soon can put your fire out entirely.

Ideal logs for London stoves

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