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Transporting Gas Bottles Safely – Four Tips

We’ve mentioned in several previous blog entries that Calor gas bottles are ideal for campers and other travellers. Because they are highly efficient and compact, users only need to carry a few of them in order to meet their fuel needs. Thus, if you need to transport your fuel, they are much more portable and practical than coal or wood. However, you may be wondering how to transport these gas bottles without rupturing them or creating a fire hazard. We’ve come up with some easy-to- follow rules that will allow you to carry gas bottles without taking any unnecessary risks.

1. Don’t carry gas bottles in a bag with sharp or heavy objects

If a sharp object or an object with acutely pointed corners knocks against a gas bottle too forcefully, it can stab through the side of a gas bottle and cause it to leak. Similarly, very heavy objects can dent gas bottles in a way that causes them to leak. Gas bottles are fairly sturdy, so they don’t rupture or dent easily. However, it can happen, so you shouldn’t take the risk. Don’t carry your gas bottles in a bag that also contains heavy or sharp objects.

2. Avoid flammable materials and heat sources

If a gas bottle does leak, it could start a fire in your bag, holdall or suitcase. This risk is small but worth eliminating. The simplest way to do this is to ensure that your gas bottles aren’t packed in with flammable materials (such as papers, volatile liquids or very dry fabrics) or objects that can make a spark (such as lighters or matches).

3. Don’t pack lots of gas bottles next to one another

Provided you don’t pack them alongside sharp and heavy objects, flammable materials or items that can create sparks, it’s usually safe to carry more than one gas bottle in the same bag. However, as a precaution, you should try to make sure they aren’t packed right next to one another. Two or more damaged gas bottles can do more harm than one, so try to separate your gas bottles as much as possible. If you can store them in separate bags or containers without breaking the first two rules, we recommend doing so.

4. Keep gas bottles upright and immobilised

If you’re transporting gas bottles in your car, try to stand them upright and position them so that they won’t move too much. If they are allowed to roll around, they may bang into one another or other objects and become damaged. Keeping them stable is the simplest way to avoid this. Here at London Gases, we believe that it’s possible to handle any type of fuel safely. Calor gas bottles are designed to be easy to use and safe to transport, but by following the rules we’ve given in today’s blog entry, you can make them even safer. We sell a wide variety of different gas bottles, so if you need a travel-safe fuel, check out our product pages today.