Useful tips for using helium gas

A non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable gas, helium is lighter than air. Its ability to make the containers it fills float has made it a national favourite for Britons inflating balloons and balloon displays at a wide array of special occasions from anniversaries and birthdays to gigs and garden parties. To get the most from the helium you buy and stay safe while using it, in this blog we’ll offer some helpful hints and best practices.

How to handle helium canisters

Helium can be rented in refillable cannisters containing different volumes to suit requirements with options ranging from 10 to 50 litres. Helium should always be stored indoors in a secure and well-ventilated area. Canisters must be always kept upright to avoid any damage occurring to the nozzle or valve.

Helium has a history of misuse in movies and television shows where characters inhale it to perform comedy voices. Inhaling helium is exceptionally dangerous and can result in insufficient oxygen levels leading to injury or death. Users are strongly advised to only use this product to fill balloons.

How long will helium last?

While contained in a cylinder, helium will not go bad or degrade over time. Providing that the cylinder’s valve remains in place providing an effective seal, no helium will be able to escape. However, once the helium has been expressed into a balloon it is no longer contained. The gas molecules will slowly be released from the balloon and over time the balloons will lose their ability to float and deflate.

What balloons can helium work with?

Helium can be used to inflate both latex and foil balloons of different dimensions. How many balloons you can fill will always depend on how large the cylinder you hire or purchase and the size of balloons that you wish to inflate.

Looking for a helium stockist in London?

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