A roaring fire

Using a log burning stove this autumn/winter? 3 safety tips to follow

One of the best things about the autumn and winter is getting cosy inside with a warm, toasty fire. Not only will a real fire keep colder chills at bay but it will also light up your evenings once the sun has gone down. If you have a family, getting comfy and enjoying these sorts of nights is a fabulous experience. Many people now will opt for a log burning stove as their fire of choice. This can be down to many finding them simpler to operate and less costly to install than an open coal fire. If you have a stove like this you are thinking of firing up soon, you must use it safely. This will keep you and anyone else in the house secure. But what are some of the best tips to follow?

Make sure it is safe to start using again

Do not make the mistake of thinking you can begin using your log burner again without checking it out first. The likelihood is that it will have sat idle and not seen much use since last winter. Over this time, cracks could have appeared in the flue or dangerous chemical build-ups (like flammable creosote) could be ready to cause issues. It is vital to hire a professional chimney sweep to give your stove a once-over before you use it again.

Remember to guard against heat damage

It is key to remember that log burning stoves generate heat from all sides. With this in mind, you should place heat shields behind or beside your stove. This will prevent the heat produced from damaging walls or curtains which are close. It is also crucial to make sure your stove is placed on a surface which does not combust for extra safety.

Keep an eye on children at all times

While keeping everyone in your home safe is essential, it is usually younger children who you should focus on. They are naturally curious and so more likely to touch hot surfaces which could scald them. They might even open the fire to put some wood in themselves – which is obviously very dangerous. Due to this, you should never leave a child alone in a room when your wood burner is going.

Log burning stoves need fuel

Of course, it is not only safety you need to think about as you get ready to start using your stove again. You will need fuel for it and this means top quality logs. If you live in the London area, get in touch with London Gases today to order yours. We have great value logs to buy and deliver all around the capital. Give us a call on 020 8807 4633 for more details.