Wedding Helium Balloons – Fill Your London Wedding With Fun

Why helium gas balloons?

Wedding costs can easily spiral out of control, but making your own decorations is a simple way to keep on budget. Any venue can look stunning with a bit of know-how and a touch of flair. However, getting all these hand-made creations in place could be very tricky, especially on London's crowded transport system or roads. Luckily, helium gas and balloons can be delivered directly to the site.

The basics

When using helium gas it's important to be safe. Remember to store the bottles safely and make sure the inflator valve is in full working order. Although helium itself isn't toxic, it is not breathable either, so check for leaks regularly.

Table displays

One of the most elegant uses of balloons when decorating for a wedding is the table display. A helium gas balloon table display adds height to tables, with or without expensive flowers. Balloon centrepieces can be as simple as a single balloon tied to a glass, or more sophisticated than that.

Balloon arches

Another classic use of balloons at weddings is in a balloon arch. This can create a focal point for the ceremony, an unusual photo opportunity or an interesting entrance way. You can also use balloons to make striking columns and other features to bring structure to large open spaces.


No wedding would be complete without photographs. While photographers often invite the bride and groom to take some time away from guests for intimate solo shots, it's important to have a picturesque backdrop for this. Unfortunately not everywhere in London belongs in the wedding album. A table display, a wall of helium gas balloons or something more unique ensures a suitable background.

The cake table

The cake table is an important focus for guests and photographers at a wedding, so it’s wise to decorate it appropriately. A cascade of balloons give an impression of height and draws the eye down to the cake itself.


Weddings can be boring for children, but helium gas balloons make for easy, disposable fun. Children can enjoy squeaky voices (in safe quantities) and enjoy limitless opportunities for imaginative play. Powered by TCPDF ( Helium gas and latex balloon packs can be ordered here. Get in touch today to make your wedding day even more memorable.