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Welding Gas Cylinders Uncovered!

Read our Q&A to find out more about our rent free welding gas cylinders.

So what is Hobbyweld?

Hobbyweld is a brand of high quality welding gas in large refillable gas cylinders. There is no rental to pay on the Hobbyweld gas cylinders as you simply pay a one off deposit for your first cylinder and first gas fill, keep it for as long as you need and then refill it as often or as little as you like.

This is the perfect welding solution for many a welder as many welding gas users, professionals and hobbyists, do not require their cylinder every week of the year and understandably do not want to rent a cylinder they will only use occasionally. Disposable cartridges are very expensive in relation to larger refillable cylinders too. Hobbyweld provides the solution and it couldn't be easier.

What welding gases are there?

There are 4 main Hobbyweld gas cylinders and we supply them all! They are: Hobbyweld 5, Hobbyweld 15, Pure Argon and Oxygen

So what’s the difference between them all and what are they used for?

Hobbyweld 5 Hobbyweld 5 is a specific blend of welding gas made up of 93% Argon, 5% Carbon Dioxide and 2% Oxygen. Ideal for MIG welding of steel less than 5mm thick, such as car bodywork and thin sheet metal work. The Argon content results in low levels of spatter which in turn produces a great finish which requires less clean up time. The oxygen content provides good arc stability and the carbon dioxide provides the required depth of the weld. All in all a superb mix of gas for general MIG welding.

Hobbyweld 15 Hobbyweld 15 is a specific blend of welding gas made up of 83% Argon, 15% Carbon Dioxide and 2% Oxygen. Great for MIG welding of steel between 5mm and 12mm thick, The wide operating range makes Hobbyweld 15 a good all round choice for general fabrication. Easy to use with low distortion, porosity and oxidation potential, providing a sound weld at minimum cost. Overall a great choice for heavier duty MIG welding work.

Hobbyweld Pure Argon Argon is an inert shielding and welding gas which is suitable for most TIG welding applications. It is most commonly used when welding aluminium and stainless steels in thin section. Hobbyweld Argon has a minimum of 99.995% purity which enables you to make a perfect weld each time.

Hobbyweld Oxygen Industrial grade oxygen is commonly used with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering. It supports combustion and gives much higher flame temperatures than if air is used.

So do the cylinders come in different sizes?

They do indeed! The original range comes in 9.5 litre cylinders and our ultra range come in 20 litre cylinders.

So how does the Deposit work?

New Hobbyweld gas cylinder prices include a deposit (£60 for the original range and  £195 for the Ultra range) If you wish to return the cylinder, the deposit will be refunded, less a £15 administration fee. Please keep your copy of the deposit form safe as this is required if you ever wish to reclaim the deposit.

So I want to get a cylinder, what do I do?

Contact us at London Gases and we will be happy to help you!

We are Hobbyweld’s London Agent and do FREE next day delivery to most London Postcodes.

If you are outside of our delivery area, you are welcome to come in to collect from our depot in Edmonton, North London.

Give us a call now on 020 8807 4633 or visit our website and buy your cylinders online at www.londongases.co.uk