What are the best practices when storing Calor gas?

Since 1935 Calor has been producing high-quality products, making it one of Britain’s biggest brands for liquefied petroleum gas. Designs with a special gas regulator, the company’s products serve a wide range of applications but for safety, Calor gas bottles, must be used, handled and stored correctly. Read on for some important advice when storing this useful option that will help you avoid injuries and damage to property.

What you must do when storing Calor gas

Gas bottles must always be stored in an upright position in an area that is well-ventilated. Highly combustible, gas bottles must also be kept away from any potential sources of ignition or heat. When storing gas bottles make sure that they are kept outside of your home or place of business and away from drains and building exits and entry points.

What you must not do when storing Calor gas

Never use or store gas bottles when they are not in an upright position. Gas bottles should not be used or stored below ground level either. It is strictly prohibited for gas bottles to be used in certain locations, for example in high-rise apartments. When storing gas bottles make sure they are not kept close to any material that is toxic, oxidant or corrosive in nature.

How many gas bottles can you store?

In residential properties, you are allowed store 30kg of butane gas, (this amounts to two 15kg gas bottles) indoors. However, propane gas bottles must always be kept outdoors. When deployed as part of a fixed installation, propane gas should be located outside.

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Adhering to these simple and straightforward practices when storing Calor gas bottles will ensure you sidestep unwanted incidents that may cause personal injury to yourself and others and ensure no damage is caused to your property.

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