What is the best way to store coal and logs?

If you’re planning on purchasing a multi-fuel stove for your home, you’ll be able to burn a wide range of combustibles like wood and coal. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of both throughout the year.

Smokeless coal can offer lengthy burning times and generates excellent heat levels while kiln dried hardwood logs deliver the same with the added aroma of a real wood fire.

Those looking for tips on how to store their supply of fuel can read on for the best practices for keeping coal and logs stocked at home.

Storing logs

Logs must be kept in a warm, dry area outdoors away from insect life or inside. Either way, whenever possible wood should be stored off the ground. If this option is unavailable, stack your logs with their bark-side down to reduce any moisture absorption.

A firewood rack is ideal for storing logs. Avoid stacking logs upright as accidents can occur when the wood is removed from the rack. Stack your logs loosely to let the air circulate and if kept outside use a waterproof but breathable cover.

Always store wood away from anything that may ignite it and away from children and pets.

Storing coal

While a small supply of coal is commonly kept in the bucket within homes to top up stoves, the main store is usually kept outside. Like wood, it should be kept in a dry and secure place where it is not likely to be lit. Plastic storage bins with lids outside can be an ideal option.

While a simple waterproof sheet is used by some coal users, the nature of water can see it run off and pool causing fuel to get wet and become difficult to light. Fuel can be kept in the bags it arrives in, but these should be checked for holes where insects may enter, or water ingress can occur.

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