What wood can you use in a log burner?

From the warm glow that they provide to the scent of wood smoke, logs are a popular fuel for many homes seeking to supplement their central heating. Designed with carefully placed vents that ensure air can circulate, wood-burning stoves called log burners are the best solution for using this fuel. Whether you have recently moved to a new home that has a log burner or has just had one fitted in your property, read on to discover the types of wood you can use to make a fire.

Light softwood

If you are unfamiliar with wood, you might be tempted to buy softwood due to its price. Well-known as the least expensive wood to buy, its price is often attractive. Unfortunately, softwoods such as fir, pine and cedar offer poor fuel economy. They burn exceptionally quickly which means that you will need to be constantly refuelling your fire. As a result, this option is costly and inconvenient.

Softwoods do have a role to play in log burners, however. Bags of thin softwood sticks called kindling are ideal for getting fires started. They can be used to make a lattice which, once lit, makes an ideal base for adding medium-sized hardwood logs.

Softwoods can result in smoke and cause fires to spit, so it’s a wise move to keep your log burner doors shut at this stage and just leave your vents open.

Dense hardwood

Hardwoods burn far slower than softwood and as a result, generate lasting heat. Hardwoods like oak and maple don’t reduce to ash like softwoods and leave behind hot wooden coals instead. When building your fire, start with the smallest pieces of hardwood and work up to larger logs. Putting big logs on too soon can snuff out the flames.

Unlike softwood, hardwoods don’t spit sparks or smoke, so you open the doors of your burner and enjoy the glow. However, if you have children or pets in your household investing in a protective mesh grill is a wise move.

All the wood you require for your fire

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