Outdoor gas heaters in a snowy garden

Why You Should Choose A Patio Gas Heater This Winter

Patio heaters allow you to heat outdoor areas efficiently so you can spend more time in your garden or on your front patio, even in colder weather. Because winter weather is now upon us, we think you should consider investing in one, especially if you want to continue spending time outdoors. Here at London Gases, we supply top-quality patio gas for fuel-burning patio heaters. You can find it in our range of Calor gas bottles. But why should you opt for a gas-fuelled patio heater instead of an electric version? We believe that gas-fuelled patio heaters are superior to their electric counterparts and we’ll explain why in today’s blog entry.

1. The freedom to position your heater

Electric patio heaters generally have to be plugged into the mains power supply. This means that you can’t place these heaters in any position you choose: you are limited by the length and flexibility of the connecting cable. In contrast, gas-fired patio heaters are free-standing and utilise a self-contained fuel-supply. This means that you can place them wherever you like. You can choose the optimal position to heat your patio and create a cosy outdoor space.

2. Improved safety

Everybody knows that water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Running an electric patio heater in damp weather can therefore be slightly risky, even if the electrical components are well-insulated. On the other hand, patio heaters that use gas can be switched on perfectly safely, even if the local atmosphere is a little damp. While all patio heaters are best deployed in dry, cold weather, gas-fired heaters are a bit safer when there’s a high level of moisture in the air.

3. Reduced cost

Depending on your supplier, electricity can be very expensive. As a result, running an electric patio heater can be concurrently costly. In comparison, patio gas is very affordable, meaning that running a gas-fired patio heater can be much more cost-effective.

If you’re considering investing in a patio heater, choose one that runs on gas. We’ll be delighted to supply the fuel at a price you can afford. In fact, why not check out our range of patio fuel options and other Calor gas bottles today?