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The Upside-Down Fire: What Is It And How Does It Work?

It’s a cold evening and all you want to do after a long day at work is relax with your friends, beneath the stars, in front of a cosy…

The upside-down fire: what is it and how does it work?

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Using Your Fireplace To Heat Your Home

Fireplaces that use coal or logs provide a lot of heat. They can keep your room toasty warm at a cheaper price when you compare with the cost of…

Using your fireplace to heat your home

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Top Tips For Saving Gas This Winter

The days are growing shorter and the weather is becoming colder in the run-up to Christmas. If you use gas canisters to heat your home, you may be thinking…

Top tips for saving gas this winter

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Choosing The Perfect Fuel For Christmas

Christmas comes just once a year, which is why it’s very important to choose the perfect fuel to keep you warm over the festive period. It might seem like…

Choosing the perfect fuel for Christmas

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Build Yourself A Home Bar

For many of us, there is no greater pleasure than heading down the pub to enjoy a few pints with good friends. In recent years, however, this seems to…

Build yourself a home bar

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Important Questions To Consider Before Purchasing Your Firewood

Although the cosy atmosphere of Christmas and New Year has now passed, the frosty nip of winter air remains in London to hurry us home in the evening. It's…

Important questions to consider before purchasing your firewood

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Essential Coal Fire Safety Tips Over Christmas

There is nothing like an open fire to keep you cosy over Christmas. One of the most popular fuels to use is coal as it is great value for…

Essential coal fire safety tips over Christmas

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At Home Or On Holiday – Have A Gas All Year Round

There are many ways in which gas bottles can be used for leisure activities throughout the year, not just during the warm summer months when BBQs are at the…

At home or on holiday – have a gas all year round

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How Much Coal Should I Buy For Winter?

Coal is a great way to heat your house in winter. Coal burns hotter than other types of fuel and is one of the oldest and most important energy…

How much coal should I buy for winter?

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Fireplaces And Carbon Monoxide

If you're planning to keep warm this winter by gathering round the fireplace at home, burning our brilliant logs or coal, you need to be aware of the dangers…

Fireplaces and carbon monoxide

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