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4 Essential Items To Take On Your Next Camping Trip

As the Summer gets into full swing, then we all love to head into the great outdoors. This is especially true for London residents who can get out of…

4 essential items to take on your next camping trip

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What Benefits Do Kiln Dried Logs Deliver?

What benefits do kiln dried logs deliver? When it comes to choosing which logs to use at home, there are a few different choices. This usually splits down into…

What benefits do kiln dried logs deliver?

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3 Tips For A Summer Bbq In London

Now that the summer has finally arrived, people’s minds invariably turn to BBQs. They are a staple of the British summer and are a great way to relax and…

3 tips for a summer BBQ in London

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Safely Storing And Travelling With Helium Gas

Helium gas is generally very safe and stable, so you should never be too concerned about storing it or travelling with it. As with all gases, however, there are…

Safely storing and travelling with helium gas

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Why Choose A Wood Burning Stove Over An Open Fire?

Wood burners and open fires both burn logs or coal as a means of providing heat. But, despite the similarities in their basic operation, there are some big differences…

Why choose a wood burning stove over an open fire?

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Stay Safe From Carbon Monoxide During A Campout

Gas-powered generators, barbecues and other appliances are extremely helpful during camping and caravanning trips and when used correctly, can be much more efficient than open fires. However, there are…

Stay safe from carbon monoxide during a campout

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How To Use A Coal Fireplace Safely

With the rising costs of heating a home, most homeowners have gone back to using their coal fireplaces, which is much cheaper. Most heating options are more expensive than…

How to use a coal fireplace safely

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The Best Fuels For Campers

If you’re going camping this summer, you should ensure that you take the correct fuels with you. In addition to cooking, campers can also use fuel to keep warm…

The best fuels for campers

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Campfire Vs. Camping Stoves During A Campout

Every camping enthusiast acknowledges that the source of fuel used for cooking and providing heat is essential for the success of a campout. The decision to use a camping…

Campfire vs. camping stoves during a campout

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Precautions To Ensure You Have A Safe Barbecue Season

BBQ season has finally arrived again. Time to lift the lid and get cooking outdoors! Do you have a gas or a coal barbecue?

Through research, The National…

Precautions to ensure you have a safe barbecue season

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