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How To Create The Perfect Log Fire This Winter

The nights are drawing in and winter is fast approaching, so now is the time to be thinking about making a fire in the living room to relax in…

How to create the perfect log fire this winter

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Storing Logs Outside Over Winter: Effective Tips To Consider

As winter draws ever closer, now is the time to order any fuel you need. For many businesses and people in the London area, this means buying logs to…

Storing logs outside over winter: effective tips to consider

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3 Tips To Use While Cleaning Your Beer Lines

There is nothing that beats the feeling of a cold beer and excellent company on a lazy weekend. Whether you are catching up at your local bar or your…

3 tips to use while cleaning your beer lines

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The Best Way To Stay Warm During The Christmas Season

Celebrating Christmas during a winter season can be very challenging for most people in London. You're struggling to keep yourself warm, and at the same time, you are looking…

The best way to stay warm during the Christmas season

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How To Store Gas Safely Over Winter

It's no great secret that the BBQ season is nearing its end. Some may be smelt as September fades into October, but these truly are the most resilient of…

How to store gas safely over winter

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Installing A Wood Stove For Your Small Business

The time when solid fuel stoves were solely a home centrepiece has long since passed; you don’t have to look hard to find a coffee shop or restaurant with…

Installing a wood stove for your small business

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Gas Bottles In Winter: How To Use And Maintain Them

Calor gas bottles are a wonderful invention; portable power sources ideal for barbecues, outside lighting and – well – for just about everything when you are camping. You may…

Gas bottles in winter: how to use and maintain them

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How To Give Your Home That Perfect Xmas Feel

As Autumn marches on at an increasing pace, our thoughts naturally begin to turn towards Winter. For many people in the London area, this also means starting to think…

How to give your home that perfect Xmas feel

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3 Tips To Work Out How Much Coal To Buy This Winter

Although we are only currently in Autumn, the icy reach of Winter is not far off. Planning ahead is key when it comes to being ready - this is…

3 tips to work out how much coal to buy this Winter

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3 Tips On Building The Best Coal Fire For Autumn

Summer is a quickly fading memory which means Autumn is now upon us. For many people, this is a great time of year as it is full of beautiful…

3 tips on building the best coal fire for Autumn

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