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3 Things You Need To Enjoy The Perfect Mini Music Festival At Home This Summer

As we start to ease back towards normal life, music festivals should soon be a fixture of most people's calendars in the warmer months. However, if you don't fancy…

3 things you need to enjoy the perfect mini music festival at home this summer

Posted 15.07.21 Read More

Build The Perfect Barbecue: Three Steps To Ripping Hot Coals

We've all been there. You've started up your barbecue only to realise that you just can't get enough heat going. The last thing you need is meat that can…

Build the perfect barbecue: Three steps to ripping hot coals

Posted 05.07.21 Read More

3 Vegan Bbq Recipes To Enjoy This Summer

Summer is here again and this means people are looking forward to family BBQs once more. There really is nothing like enjoying the best food and drink with those…

3 vegan BBQ recipes to enjoy this summer

Posted 22.06.21 Read More

What Logs Are Ideal For Fire Pits?

Sitting around a fire pit with family and friends is an ideal way to stretch out your summer days into the cooler evenings, but the wood you pick is…

What logs are ideal for fire pits?

Posted 04.06.21 Read More

3 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Log Fire

Log fires are one of life's simplest enjoyments. A fire with friends and/or family is sure to lead to a good time in every season (as long as political…

3 tips to make the most of your log fire

Posted 19.05.21 Read More

Going Camping? How To Use Gas Bottles On The Campsite

With most of us not being able to take an international holiday this year, many are turning to staycations as a way to get out of the house. According…

Going camping? How to use gas bottles on the campsite

Posted 12.07.21 Read More

3 Ways To Celebrate Birthdays At Home

There's always a reason to celebrate when it's your birthday, but celebrating at home can be tough if you're socially distancing. You might have planned a big party or…

3 ways to celebrate birthdays at home

Posted 30.06.21 Read More

All You Need To Know About Coffee Logs For Home Burners

A fuel that reduces landfill waste, burns hotter and more efficiently than wood, can be used in burners and stoves, and offers the faint reassuring aroma of coffee? That’s…

All you need to know about coffee logs for home burners

Posted 15.06.21 Read More

How To Get Started On Making Your Own Homebrew

If you are a beer connoisseur and you have always dreamed of making your own homebrew, it is actually simpler than you might imagine. However, before you get started,…

How to get started on making your own homebrew

Posted 27.05.21 Read More

Changes To Uk Government Fuel Rules - What You Need To Know

Wood burners and open fires have been used as a great heating source for many years by households across the country, with changes in design making them more efficient.…

Changes to UK government fuel rules - what you need to know

Posted 06.05.21 Read More

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