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Is Bracken The Right Fuel For You?

Here at London Gases, we pride ourselves on offering the greatest possible variety of fuels. We offer Calor gas bottles, BBQ gas and conventional solid fuels including logs and…

Is bracken the right fuel for you?

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5 Foods That Are Better Cooked Over An Open Fire

Fact: some foods just taste better when cooked over fire. A log fire is the winter equivalent of a barbecue, so why not make the most of your fire…

5 foods that are better cooked over an open fire

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Behind The Scenes At The Pub: The Importance Of Good Beer Gas

When you order a pint of beer at your local pub, it streams beautifully out of a tap and into your glass.

Lager drinkers love a bit of…

Behind the scenes at the pub: the importance of good beer gas

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Why You Should Choose A Gas-Fuelled Patio Heater This Winter

Patio heaters allow you to heat outdoor areas efficiently so you can spend more time in your garden or on your front patio, even in colder weather. Because winter…

Why you should choose a gas-fuelled patio heater this winter

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Chainsaw Safety Tips When Cutting Logs

If you have an open fire or a log burner, you will now be preparing your fuel supply for the coming winter months. Although the logs you buy from…

Chainsaw safety tips when cutting logs

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Top Tips For Successful Campfire Cooking

It's the time of year when we're all thinking about summer holidays and getting into some fresh air. One of the great pleasures of the camping experience is cooking…

Top tips for successful campfire cooking

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Get Creative With Helium Balloon Party Decorations

Helium balloons are an easy way to add a little extra something to party and wedding decorations. They can be made to look fun, funky or elegant, and kids…

Get creative with helium balloon party decorations

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Are Gas Cartridges Right For You?

Here at London Gases, we aim to provide gas in a variety of different containers that are suitable for different purposes. In addition to standard canisters, we also offer…

Are gas cartridges right for you?

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How Firewood Can Improve Your Christmas

Here at London Gases, we aim to sell the greatest possible variety of fuels. In addition to Calor gas bottles and coal, we also sell traditional wooden fuel. Our…

How firewood can improve your Christmas

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How To Store Your Logs Properly

Now that Autumn is here and Winter will soon be upon us, it's a great time to be stocking up your supply of logs. Not only will this make…

How to store your logs properly

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