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Gas Barbecues - Tips For The Perfect Evening

Nothing is better than a barbecue on a warm evening; a chance to spend time with friends and family in the great outdoors whilst enjoying delicious burgers, sausages and…

Gas barbecues - tips for the perfect evening

Posted 17.09.21 Read More

The Best Camping Spots Close To London

If you can't wait to get outside and experience the joys of camping, we've selected some of the best camping spots in and close to London. You don't need…

The best camping spots close to London

Posted 01.09.21 Read More

How To Safely Transport Gas Bottles To Your Campsite

If you have decided to buy calor gas bottles or gas cylinders for camping, you will need to get them to the campsite safely. In this article, we will…

How to safely transport gas bottles to your campsite

Posted 20.08.21 Read More

How To Choose Between A Gas Bbq Or A Coal Bbq This Summer

We might not always have the weather for it, but when the sun appears, Brit’s flock to their gardens for a good outdoor barbecue. If you are looking to…

How to choose between a gas bbq or a coal bbq this summer

Posted 03.08.21 Read More

3 Things You Need To Enjoy The Perfect Mini Music Festival At Home This Summer

As we start to ease back towards normal life, music festivals should soon be a fixture of most people's calendars in the warmer months. However, if you don't fancy…

3 things you need to enjoy the perfect mini music festival at home this summer

Posted 15.07.21 Read More

How Do I Know How Much Gas Is Left In A Bottle?

Gas bottles are one of the essentials of any camping trip. For many of us who love being in the outdoors, taking a camping trip without a bottle of…

How do I know how much gas is left in a bottle?

Posted 10.09.21 Read More

Getting Your Coal Fire Ready For Autumn: 3 Tips You Should Know

Although Summer is not quite over yet, now is the time people start thinking about the colder months ahead. While Winter is naturally a season that sees temperatures drop,…

Getting your coal fire ready for Autumn: 3 tips you should know

Posted 27.08.21 Read More

The Importance Of Cellar Gas In Pouring A Perfect Pint

When it comes to pouring a perfect pint, the quality will depend on both the beer itself and your cellar equipment. With craft beers more popular than ever, a…

The importance of cellar gas in pouring a perfect pint

Posted 11.08.21 Read More

How Important Is Beer Gas In A Home Brew?

There’s nothing better to come home to after a long day’s hard work than an ice-cold beer. But imagine being able to enjoy a beer you've brewed yourself! If…

How important is beer gas in a home brew?

Posted 22.07.21 Read More

Going Camping? How To Use Gas Bottles On The Campsite

With most of us not being able to take an international holiday this year, many are turning to staycations as a way to get out of the house. According…

Going camping? How to use gas bottles on the campsite

Posted 12.07.21 Read More

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